Our mission is to help redefine how events, stores and brand experiences are executed and designed.

We currently collaborate with talent and agencies from Miami, Bogotá, Madrid, New York, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and the Dominican Republic.


360° Event Management

We specialize in designing and executing corporate and trade shows events from scratch, live retail environments and experiential marketing.


Store & Event Experiences

We transform people’s visual and sensorial experience through unforgettable creative environments, service and programming.



Our strong network of local and global allies means we can execute your vision nearly anywhere on earth.

What Goals Inspire Our Work?

Convenience: The ease and speed offered by an event or store. Helping the user to find everything they need at every point in the journey. 

Efficiency: We help to make better use of time. That means faster decision-making, easier pickup, better service/setup experiences and more.

Inspiration: Crafting spaces where people can discover and be surprised with new ideas, products and opportunities. 

Gratification: Create conversion, impulse purchases and receive things immediately. Helping users quickly discover solutions, information and services.

Discovery: We give people the ability to stay informed and learn, giving them what they need to make more informed decisions.  

Coverage: Extending our reach to offer the same quality product and service through our allies around the globe.  

Immersion: Bring your brand to life through immersive sensory experiences, so users can really experience the products and the brand. 


Event Collective has designed and produced dozens of high-profile events around the globe, including the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Here are some of the highlights:



We've worked with numerous Fortune 100 companies across 35 countries